The Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review – Latest Updates

In this review, “The Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review“, you will get informative, accurate, and up-to-date information about the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) platform, covering powerful website hosting services, world-class affiliate training, most advanced keyword tools, and help support from professionals and members of the WA community.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Latest Updates

There are many topics to be discussed here, covering the Wealthy Affiliate’s business, rating scores, affiliate training platform, website system, software & tools, WA community, and help supports.

In addition, pros and cons, success stories, and my opinions also provided. Now let me start with an overview of the WA.

Overview of Wealthy Affiliate – The Home of Affiliate Marketers Worldwide

Wealthy Affiliate Logo Black

Wealthy Affiliate is founded in 2005 by two co-founders, Kyle and Carson, creating an excellent platform for helping people (both beginners and experienced marketers), to succeed in their online business, focusing on Affiliate Marketing model.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” (Wikipedia)

Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founders (Kyle & Carson)

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Co-founder - Kyle

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Co-founder - Carson

Quick Overview about Wealthy Affiliate

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate (WA)
  • Website:
  • Co-founders: Kyle and Carson
  • Year Established: 2005
  • Products and Services: Affiliate Business Training Platform
  • Starter Membership: Start Free 7 Days
  • Premium Membership: US$ 19 for First Month, then $49 per Month
  • Yearly Premium: US$ 495 per Year
  • My Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 stars

Key features to succeed that WA offers to all members.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Features to Succeed

  • Mastering affiliate marketing knowledge
  • Offering fully customizable website
  • Running an online business from the most powerful platform
  • Searching millions of niches and profitable keywords
  • Coaching and advising by experts
  • Helping by the community members

Wealthy Affiliate Success Numbers

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Numbers

Over 15 years in business, focusing on the affiliate industry, WA supports more than 1,400,000 Internet entrepreneurs from 193 countries worldwide. Every day over 1,000 people succeeding in online business with the Wealthy Affiliate model.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Promise, You Won’t Fail.

Wealthy Affiliate Ratings – The Above-Standard Platform

Wealthy Affiliate Review Rating

Based on my own experience, with joining the Wealthy Affiliate’s premium member and utilizing the WA platform for over one year, I gave WA a 4.8 out of 5.0 stars for overall rating. For me, this number is above-standard in the affiliate market.

You can see other rating scores in each section below.

  • Affiliate Training: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • Website Platform: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Software & Tools: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Help Support: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • Useful Resource: 4.7 out of 5.0
  • WA Community: 4.7 out of 5.0
  • WA Affiliate Program: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Price: 4.8 out of 5.0

Affiliate Business Training – The Industry-Leading Online Learning System

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Education

Affiliate training is one of the key factors to succeed in your online business. At the Wealthy Affiliate state-of-the-art learning system, WA’s members are able to access to over 1,000+ training resources, covering “core” training courses, classrooms, live webinars, member-created classes, and training history.

This will help members gaining a competitive advantage, building a successful and long-term business in the online market.

It’s the New Normal – Earning while learning. WA teaches members with a learning-by-doing (hand-on) method, to build a real, valuable, and tangible business. So not just learning the usable affiliate knowledge, but you also are able to start making money at the same time.

“No experience necessary, no product required, just need your passion.”

There are two major WA training programs.

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Training

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA OEC Training 2

The OEC training is a 5-phase (50 lessons) series of courses, walking you through the step of creating and growing a successful online business in ANY preferred niche.

This training will cover the following these topics:

Phase 1: Getting Started

  • Understanding how to make money online
  • Choosing a lucrative NICHE for your business
  • Building and optimizing a WordPress website
  • Creating quality content
  • Understanding the keyword research process

Phase 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

  • Understanding the principles of website traffic
  • Choosing and setting a domain name for your website
  • Understanding the “Low-Hanging-Fruit” keyword
  • Creating useful content for readers and friendly with search engines

Phase 3: Making Money

  • Understanding the “Customer Purchase Lifecycle” process
  • Understanding how to make money through affiliate programs
  • Learning the Google Adsense
  • Learning a tricky advertising technique

Phase 4: Mastering Social Engagement

  • Understanding the benefits of Social Marketing
  • Understanding the importance of Social Engagement
  • Learning how to utilize social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest)

Phase 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

  • Planning for content creation
  • Utilizing Google Webmaster Tools
  • Getting indexed and ranked into Bing and Yahoo search engines
  • Outsourcing content production

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Affiliate Bootcamp Training – The Best Affiliate Training in the World

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Bootcamp Training

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is a 7-phase (70 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and building a successful business by promoting and earning income from the Wealthy Affiliate program or other related services.

Phase 1: Getting Your Business Rolling

  • Understanding the WA affiliate program opportunity
  • Building a successful “Authority” website
  • Creating a successful WA affiliate campaign

Phase 2: Content, Keywords, and Conversions

  • Creating quality content
  • Using proper affiliate links
  • Maximizing your affiliate profits

Phase 3: Giving Your Site Social Value

  • Utilizing social media plugins
  • Applying social networks for online business
  • Understanding the effective sharing techniques

Phase 4: Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media

  • Designing high-converting webpages
  • Adding charts, graphs, and screen captures to webpages
  • Leveraging Pinterest social media for visual traffic

Phase 5: Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals

  • Utilizing a communication commenting project
  • Learning the best way to share to encourage engagement
  • Understanding, and gaining traffic from Youtube

Phase 6: Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC

  • Understanding the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) on Bing Ads
  • Creating quality and high CTR Ad group
  • Leveraging properly content network
  • Spying your competition

Phase 7: How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

  • Understanding and setting up a Google Adwords account
  • Understanding and setting up a high-quality score ad group
  • Using the comparison tables to maximize profits
  • Understanding and utilizing the PPC math
  • Building long-term PPC success

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Member-Created Training Courses

In addition to the two main WA affiliate training programs sharing above, you also are able to gain in-depth online business knowledge from more than 1,000 specific courses that created and shared by experienced WA members.

The tutorials cover a variety of topics, for example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Writing Content, Ranking in Google, and WordPress.

Here are some of the popular member-created online courses.

  • Creating A Profitable Online Business in 2023, by Dylanrieger
  • Twitter Tutorial – How to use Twitter Effectively, by ChristineDu1
  • Hiring Writer Like a PRO Even If You’ve Never Hired Before, by JerryHuang
  • Writing Product Reviews of Stuff You Don’t Own, by Nathaniell
  • Show Me the Money…How to Quickly Identify Your Online Money, by Rebeccas

Live Weekly Webinars & Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Webinar Live Events 2

That’s not all. Every week, you can attend a live-training online webinar, by Jay (magistudios) and other industry experts, sharing current-interested and new topics for WA members.

The popular webinars are:

– Writing Awesome Lengthy Authoritative Content
– 21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps
– 10 Success Tips from Jay’s 10 Years at WA
– Building Landing Pages that Rock!
– Your Google Mobile Rankings AMPed!

Classrooms for Specialization – Meet Experts Here!

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Classrooms

Lastly, Wealthy Affiliate offers more than 10 topic-related classrooms, such as Authoring & Writing Content, Keyword, Niche and Market Research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Everything WordPress, Website Development & Programming, Social Engagement & Marketing, and more.

Based on the above information, it’s not surprised that I gave 4.9 out of 5 stars for the WA affiliate training review.

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SiteRubix – The Most Powerful Website Platform

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Website

Wealthy Affiliate provides the most powerful and state-of-the-art hosting platform for your WordPress websites. In addition, the important tools (for website analysis, management, ranking, and security) also are integrated with the system. This will help you to build and run your online business effectively.

Below is a list of tools and features offered by WA.

WordPress Website and Hosting Platform

  • Total WordPress FREE Websites: 25 (Premium Member)
  • Total Number of Domains: 25 (Premium Member)
  • Average Time to Build Website (Site Builder): 34 seconds (Watch How-To Video)
  • WordPress Templates: 3,000+
  • Site Domain (Register & Manage Domains): Yes
  • Domain Security: Yes
  • WHOIS Protection & Privacy: Yes
  • Advanced DNS Automation: Yes
  • Content Writing Platform (Site Content): Yes
  • Average Uptime for Websites: 99.99%
  • Website Hosting Technical Support: 24 hours Worldwide
  • Average Page Load Time (SiteSpeed): 1.3 seconds
  • Website Space: 30 GB
  • Bandwidth Included: 500K Visitors/Month
  • SSL Certificates (HTTPS): FREE
  • Spam Blocker (SiteProtect): Yes
  • Daily Website Backups: Yes
  • Email Accounts: Unlimited
  • Site Heath: Yes
  • SiteComments: Yes
  • Website Feedback: Yes
  • Domain Price: US $13.99 / Year
  • Hosting Price: US $49 / Month

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Jaaxy – Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Jaaxy Keyword Tool 2

One of the most advanced and valuable WA tools for a successful online business is Jaaxy keyword and Research Platform. Internet marketers are able to use this powerful tool for searching the hottest and most profitable keywords. In another word, you can find high traffic keywords with low competition for all niche areas. This is one of the key successes in business online.

Jaaxy Features

The Jaaxy is easy to use with more than 500 million keywords in the system. The Jaaxy key features are:

  • Niche Keyword Lists – Exclusive for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members.
  • Keyword Search Analysis – Analyze your competition, SERP, discover SEO trends.
  • My Keyword Lists – Save and Manage powerful lists of keywords.
  • Alphabet Soup – Uncover related millions of niches and keywords.
  • Brainstorm HQ – Find trending, popular & lucrative ideas for a specific keyword.
  • Website Rank – Track Historical Rankings. Monitor Your Website Authority.

Affiliate Program Search

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Affiliate Program Search

Search & find the best relevant and profitable affiliate programs in a variety of niches. The necessary information also is shown, like popular categories and Keywords, top-rated affiliate programs, trending opportunities, high commission, and high percentage.

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Technical Live Support – Cool! 1 Minute Average Response Time

WA Help Center

Do you have any technical problems or any questions while running your online business? As a WA premium member, you can get private coaching, mentoring, supporting, and the ability to network and create valuable relationships with other members.

Support Channels

At WA platform, you can ask your questions to many channels, including:

  • Contacting 24/7 technical help center for the website and hosting support
  • Posting community questions for any topics related to online business, such as WordPress, keyword, writing content, SEO, website development, marketing, and WA affiliate and platform.
  • Using the live chat for helping and discussion.

Coaching by WA Experts

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Community - Experts Coaching

Furthermore, you are able to not only communicate with any WA member by sending their private messages but also contact premium coaches (Co-founders – Kyle and Carson) directly.

Connecting with Your Friends Worldwide

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Community

With these 24/7 support channels, your message will be responded incredibly fast. Save your time for solving your problems or getting the answers, and surely never get stuck again.

This is one of the most helpful communities and support centers in the world.

The Lucrative WA Affiliate Program – MILLIONS Paid Annually

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Success - Affiliate Program

WA affiliate program is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the world, offering advanced training, valuable resources, powerful tools, and real-time support for affiliate marketers. This will help people to build quickly and run efficiently their profitable and sustainable business online.

Offering the WA affiliate program, you are able to earn a consistent income by simply referring people to the WA community. WA pay out millions for the commission annually.

Commission Structure for the Premium WA Member

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - WA Affiliate Commission Structure

WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

Moreover, WA challenges all members for the “Super Affiliate Program”, achieving 300 sales in a calendar year. The achieving members will get invited to join an exclusive, all-expense-paid, Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, the United States.

Rubbing Shoulders with the Supper Affiliate Marketers

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Top WA Super Affiliate Members

The members not only have the opportunity to meet with the WA co-founders (Kyle and Carson) but also have to chance to shake hands with the top and successful affiliate marketers in the world. It’s really worth to take part in this event.

Read more the WA Super Affiliate Conference at Las Vegas, the United States, Click Here!

WA Starter and Premium Memberships

Starter Memberships – It’s FREE!

You can try Wealthy Affiliate for free, no risk, and no credit card required. Below are some key features that the Starter memberships can access:

  • Price: FREE
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Training: 10 lessons
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training: 10 lessons
  • Classrooms, Evolving Daily: 2 classrooms
  • Website Platform: 1 website
  • Beautiful WordPress Designs: 12 Themes
  • SiteDomains: Yes
  • Virus & Malware Protection: Yes
  • Content Writing Platform: Yes
  • Grammar & Spelling Protection: Yes
  • SiteContent Templates: Yes
  • Jaaxy Keywords & Opportunity: 30 Searches
  • Tracking Website Rankings: 30 Scans
  • Live & Instant Support: 7 Days

Premium Memberships – It’s Valuable!

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

As a WA Premium memberships, you have authorized to access fully to the most powerful online business-building community in the world. Below are some of the benefits for the premium members.

  • Price: Just US$19 for the first month, then US$49 per month
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Training: 50 lessons
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training: 70 lessons
  • Classrooms, Evolving Daily: 12 classrooms
  • Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes: Yes
  • Access All of the Past Live Classes: 3,000+ hours
  • Website Platform: 25 websites
  • WordPress Website Designs: 3,000+ themes
  • 24/7 Site Support: Yes
  • Access Over 1,000,000 Beautiful Graphics: Yes
  • Jaaxy Keywords & Opportunity: Unlimited
  • Tracking Website Rankings: 100 Scans
  • and more …

Starter VS Premium Memberships

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

There are a lot of WA testimonials in the system. Below are just samples from premium members.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Member Testimonials

Success Stories

Below are some of the successful WA members, building a profitable and long-term business online. Inside the WA platform, you are able to contact them directly. They are real persons, making real money online!

Nathaniell – 10 Years of Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - 10 Year Anniversary - Nathaniell

Read how Nathaniell making money with Wealthy Affiliate for over 10 years, Click Here!

Littlemama Generated $ 85,500 US Dollars

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Success Stories - Littlemama 2

Learn how Littlemama, a Supper Affiliate Marketer, earning over $85,000 US dollars in here online business. Click Here!

Ericcantu – Making $7,200 Monthy

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Success Stories - Ericcantu

Another top WA premium member, Ericcantu, making income for more than $7,000 US dollars monthly. Learn how he did, Click Here!

Above are just samples of success stories for WA premium members. In the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you are able to see a number of successful affiliate marketers in the business online. You also can learn about their success paths and get advice from them directly.

==> Join FREE Member and Read More Success Stories Here! <==

Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate - Pros and Cons

Things I Like:

  • Starter members can access the WA platform for FREE 7 days.
  • Powerful All-in-one platform for WordPress hosting and website building.
  • Comprehensive affiliate business training programs.
  • Build-in the state-of-the-art keyword research tool.
  • One of the most active member community in the world.
  • 24/7 technical support and community helpers.

Things I Don’t Like:

  • No advanced SEO training courses, such as backlinking techniques.
  • Experienced members can not access to the back-end website platform.
  • Some posts or answers by members are too general.  No details and solutions.

How I Thought About the Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Opinions

In my opinion, working on the Wealthy Affiliate platform for over one year, I’d like to state that Wealthy Affiliate system is one of the most powerful online platforms, one of the greatest affiliate marketing learning systems, one of the biggest helpful communities, and lastly one of the best return-on-investment (ROI) ways for online business today. As mentioned above, my rating for this website is 4.8 out of 5.0 score.

More Questions to be Answered

Although the Wealthy Affiliate is one of my preferred learning and community platforms for online business, there are some questions should be answered, such as:

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam program or worth it?
  • Can affiliate marketers make money with Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Does Wealthy Affiliate still work in 2023?

On the Internet, there are a lot of websites providing answers to these questions. Just “google” and read details.

Related Information


Above we have provided you thorough and accurate information about products and services review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. In addition to the “Wealthy Affiliate Review“, as an online entrepreneur, there are many affiliate training courses or other profitable online businesses in both short-term and long-term models. Learn more and select the best one for you.

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